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Falmouth Sports Pavilion


Falmouth Sports Pavilion

The primary focus of the project was to provide a much needed exceptional sporting and community based facility for Falmouth School and the general local community. The original grass pitch limited the window of opportunity for using the existing facility and the existing changing rooms were remote to the playing area.
The new Pavilion and 3G pitch allows all weather use of the playing surface and provides a variety of spaces and Football Association compliant changing facilities to ensure that the pavilion can meet the need of a wide variety of sporting and health & fitness activities. Although the pavilion is primarily focused on sporting activities, the multi-purpose rooms and flexible meeting rooms also makes this new facility ideal for other community-based clubs and societies.

At Inspire we were approached to review an approved scheme which had been quoted as being far more expensive than the client’s budget. A detailed value engineering exercise took place to bring the proposals back on budget without needing to submit a new planning application and ensuring the client’s original brief requirement’s were met.
The subsequent design value engineering exercises radically reduced the footprint of the building and simplified the roof construction from a wavy roof form to a gull-wing profile. Additionally, an external fire escape was no longer required and the extents of the balcony overhang were reduced. There was a challenging task of maintaining the changing room sizes that complied with FA (Football Association) guidelines and ensuring the level of quality of finish internally and externally was not compromised. The proposal exceeded expectations, as it achieved it’s objectives in making a scheme that was suitable for the school’s needs and at a deliverable cost.

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