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Our Services


At Inspire we offer a complete range of architectural services. We successfully deliver projects across all sectors, including residential, care, education, commercial, healthcare, retail, hospitality, leisure, workplace, transport, aviation, marine, MOD, and industrial.

Our service is tailored to provide the best project outcome, suiting both your budget and needs.

Interior Design

We understand that the quality of the internal environment has a profound effect on the users' well-being and a successful project outcome. Therefore, we offer a holistic approach to your architecture, providing it with interior design service in all sectors.

Project Management

Our sister company, Box Development Services brings experienced property development expertise to your organisation, helping it achieve the best results with its real estate.

To find out more please visit the website:

BIM Level 2

We use BIM (Building Information Modelling) to create and manage project information. It improves collaboration with contractors and overall operational efficiency. BIM assists in the detection and resolution of coordination issues preventing them from occurring on site.

Principal Designer

We offer:

> Health and Safety Risk Management

> Pre-construction review & information

> Site assistance and guidance

> Record information

> Completion documentation

> O&M documentation

> Post completion review

> Maintenance advice

> Rectification advice

> CDM advice


We can create high-quality computer-generated images and videos of your project for planning, marketing, visual impact assessment, or sales purposes.

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