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Office Development for MJ Patch Ltd


Office Development for MJ Patch Ltd

The new main administrative centre for a family run engineering business MJ Patch & Co.
The proposal replaces the existing office with a new purpose-built office, that is larger to meet the current requirements of the business, and provide a better open plan work layout, suited to modern office working.
Externally, the building consists of 3 portal bays adjoining one another along the roof valley. Large areas of glazing adorn the gables and this, along with ridge level glazing will allow a light internal workspace that limits the need to use artificial light.
The scheme has received the planning permission in 2020 and was built by 2021.

'The office is now fully functional and working. Now we can see the full benefit of a modern open plan office space with fantastic facilities. The staff are full of positive comments about their new working environment. We have also received many positive comments from the local residents and business' alike on our new building, so I think it's safe to say the project has been a big success.'
Clive Patch, Director, MJ Patch & Co

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