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Grade II Listed Barn Conversion

Conversion of a Grade II listed barn within a Conservation area into a new dwelling with a contemporary extension.
The proposal has been designed to ensure it is as sensitive to the existing Grade II listed barn as it is to the surrounding historic context of the village. The intention being to preserve, reveal and celebrate as much of the historic character of the building as possible, an ethos which has underpinned the whole approach to this scheme.
The proposal seeks to celebrate and enhance the historic features of the existing barn by retaining the exposed roof structure and double height space and allowing natural light to flood the internal space through the new glazed double doors, south-facing vision panel and new conservation rooflights.
The materials selected for the conversion of the existing lean-to structures have been chosen to be reminiscent of the existing agricultural buildings currently on the site. They are functional in their appearance, to reflect the utilitarian character of the buildings they have replaced. Each lean-to structure has been treated slightly differently to help break up their visual appearance, so that the proposals retain the character of being a collection of buildings.
The proposed glazed link between the old barn and the converted lean-to structures are designed to be subservient in appearance and to provide an emphasized distinction between the historic old stone walling and the new larch timber cladding of the refurbished lean-to structures. The zinc standing seam roof allows a low pitch to give a physical separation between the structures.
This project has received planning permission in 2019 and is now under construction.

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